Dyon Bryant


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Do you have a friend, family member, or coworker who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender? How have you shown support to them?

In the past, I have had friends that are now former co-workers disclose that he/she was gay or lesbian. It was not shocking because I had my own inklings from his/her lack of engagement or just leaving the room when certain topics arose (i.e., how their weekends were, romantic relationships, dream weddings, all things hetero-centric, etc.). I was honored that they felt comfortable enough to disclose their sexual orientation to me at all. I have shown support by learning more about the LGBT community, so I could become aware and well-versed about (and join) the fight for equality and equity.

What does acceptance mean to you?

Acceptance is an ongoing act of learning and expressing unconditional love and/or respect to an individual, thought or ideology despite conflicting thoughts, feelings or ideologies, resulting in a change of heart, beliefs and new sense of vulnerability.

What would you tell another heterosexual person about how to support an LGBT friend or relative?

That asking the LGBT individual what support would look like to them, but if that is an unknown it would be best to educate yourself by asking questions and doing your own research.

What is your dream for your LGBT loved ones?

Equity and equality.