Things You Wanted To Say But Never Did

Diverse & Resilient presents, “Things You Wanted to Say But Never Did.” This project is inspired by artist and photographer, Geloy Concepcion.

“Things You Wanted to Say But Never Did” is a project where LGBTQIA+ allied people can express the things they’ve always wanted to say but never had the courage or safety to do so.

This project aims to intergenerationally connect people through their experiences so no one feels alone and shed light on LGBTQIA+ experiences and mental health. For every note, there is at least one person going through the same thing.

These submissions are anonymous. Participants can submit as many as they like as long as it fits the theme of this project. Message will be added to a photo and updated to this section.

To submit a message, follow this link here.

If you have any questions, please contact Tou Fong Lee, Community Programs Coordinator, at or call/text a confidential line at (414) 242-0730.


Things You Wanted To Say But Never Did.