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    At Diverse and Resilient: We serve this community. We are this community. And we will stand with this community. We grieve the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, and David McAttee. Yet, this is only one list of public violent acts caused by police officers, racism, and the institutions that uphold white supremacy.

    Our pain isn’t felt only because of these lives lost but because we recognize the consistent fear and racial trauma Black people feel through historical systematic injustice. That is why we support the demands and efforts by African-American Civic Engagement Roundtable and Leadership Igniting Transformation, along with the many other Black, Indigenous, and POC led organizations.

    Our staff is organizing to supply resources to protesters, clean the streets, offer relief funds, and continue to provide support as it is needed. Our streets should not be militarized and we call for immediate action to end the presence of the national guard, tear gas, and excessive arming of the police. Redistribute funding back into the community that is currently being oppressed, rather than continue suppression. Community effort and safety is of the utmost importance.

    This is why we are asking our partners and friends to join us in this outcry. June is a revolutionary month for the LGBTQ community because Black queer and trans people fought for it.

    Now is the time to listen to Black and Brown leaders and protest.

    Call Governor Tony Evers, Mayor Tom Barrett, and County Executive David Crowley to demand real change. Along with providing funds to Black led organizations and businesses, mutual aids, and bail funds.

    Let this not be a time of complacency and ignoring the racism throughout Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and this nation. Our staff will continue the work this community deserves while also taking needed mental health days. Our Black community needs space to rest, cry, reflect, and heal through this frustration. Staying alive and staying whole is a form of protest. All white people need to educate themselves and others around them. Everyone across the world is joining in this fight, not because of one horrific instance in Minnesota, but because all Black people have stories like these.


    Community Resources:

    Leaders Igniting Transformation Response

    African-American Civic Round-table Roundtable Response

    The Movement for Black Lives Response

    Anti-Racism Resources

    Nonprofit White Moderate Article

    Nonprofit Path to Racial Justice Article

    MKE Black Owned Businesses

    Milwaukee Community Leaders Response



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  • Room to Be Safe

    During this time of social distancing, we understand that “home” is not safe for many LGBTQ+ people experiencing violence and rejection.

    Text or call 414-856-LGBT to connect with an advocate who can provide emotional support, help plan ways to stay physically or emotionally safer in your environment, and connect you to other resources.

    Please note that this number is not a 24-hour hotline. If you leave a message, an advocate will respond to you as soon as they can.

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  • 414ALL

    We will continue making condoms more available, accessible, and acceptable for young people!

    Please contact directly for more questions.

    We are opening up to more nontraditional sites.

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At Diverse & Resilient, we see a future in which lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people in Wisconsin thrive, living healthy, satisfying lives in safe, supportive communities.

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Diverse & Resilient invites you to check out our annual report. We hope you enjoy reading about our accomplishments over the past year.

With your continued support, we look forward to doing more great things to improve the health and well-being of LGBTQ people in Wisconsin.

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