Intersectionality Among Men

Intersectionality Among Men (I AM) is a community-based HIV prevention project, providing same-gender-loving (SGL) Black & Latino men with knowledge and tools to enhance the interpersonal skills needed to maintain healthy and lasting relationships with their peers.

SGL men of color live in a unique position at the intersection of race and sexual orientation. Due to social and cultural norms ascribed to individuals who hold these identities, some Black & Latino SGL men face barriers in finding space to engage in meaningful relationships with each other.

I AM uses the Mpowerment project model, an evidence-based curriculum, to help reduce unprotected sex among SGL men between the ages of 18 and 29. This curriculum includes information surrounding healthy relationships, how to engage in communication with partners and peers about safer sex, the importance of regular STI screening and testing, reducing stigma surround knowing your current HIV status, and proper avenues of both prevention and treatment. Using the tools learned through the curriculum, program participants hold real decision-making authority. Members of the project’s core group work together to ideate and plan events and programming.

Facilitators of the project are culturally-sensitive and very enthusiastic. They work with participants to both create and maintain a fun, sex-positive, and supportive atmosphere where all of their identities are celebrated.

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