Lesley & Dominiquee

Lesley & Dominiquee

L to R: Lesley, Dominiquee

I’m pretty open with my kids and they know that, but when my daughter looked at another young lady and said to me, “Man, she’s fine. I would like to get with her,” I thought, “What?” That caught me off guard.  After that we talked and she told me that she had known at a very young age that she didn’t like boys like that. That’s my daughter. Who am I to pass judgment? She was about 20 when she told me.

I know it can be difficult for some parents, but it wasn’t difficult for me when she told me she was a lesbian. There are some things that are kind of hard for me, like she doesn’t always share pictures with me, and I can’t talk with her about her relationships the way I can talk with my son, who likes girls.

I just think women are dealt with differently if they come out as gay. There is more tolerance for women being together. Women can sleep together, change clothes in front of each other, use the bathroom in front of each other, things like that. Guys don’t do that.

Dominiquee is my oldest child and she’s a real stand-up girl. She’s not afraid to say what is on her mind. That’s one thing I really love and respect about her. Sitting on your hands in this world won’t get you anywhere.