Nick Ross (they / them)


Nick began advocating for the LGBTQ community at age 15, when they and their peers fought to form one of the first GSAs in Northeast Wisconsin at Neenah High School.  The success of this effort sparked a chain reaction of GSAs forming throughout the region.  The experience of advocating for themself and their peers as a young person fostered a lifelong passion for social justice and advocacy which informed their studies at Columbia University where they received a Bachelor of Arts in English and comparative literature in 2008.  Nick continues to educate themself on the issues and experiences of people from other marginalized communities in order to be a better co-conspirator in the fight to end systemic oppressions.  As a survivor of intimate partner violence in a queer relationship, Nick understands the critical importance of LGBTQ-specific services to help survivors get the help they need.  They are excited to get to work providing these services to LGBTQ survivors of violence and helping to make Northeast Wisconsin communities safer for LGBTQ people as an advocate for Diverse & Resilient’s LGBTQ anti-violence program out of their Appleton office.