Lorenzo Rivas (he / him)

Manager of Prevention & Care Services

Lorenzo was born and raised in Milwaukee.  He has always valued Diverse & Resilient’s work and what he agency does for our community.  Since his teen years, he has volunteered with and has shown an interest in Diverse & Resilient.  One sunny day, Lorenzo got a phone call from Ronnie Grace who was, at the time, D&R’s lead HIV & STI prevention coordinator.  Ronnie then mentored Lorenzo for the following several years.  Long story short: Lorenzo was given the opportunity to give back to the community by educating and promoting self-health awareness.  His training took place at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee where he was certified in HIV counseling, testing, and referral (CTR) which allowed him to begin his new career in the prevention of STIs.  His mission is to help lower the transmission rates of HIV and to help protect his community from other STIs.  Undetectable equals untransmittable (U=U).  Knowledge is power!