Tou Fong Lee (he / they)

Community Programs Coordinator

Tou Fong Lee’s pronouns are He/They and serves as the Community Programs Coordinator. They help facilitate ongoing D&R programs such as GSA Communities, LGBTQIA+ Youth Support Group, and Youth Empowerment Space (YES). Tou and their partner are the proud owners of Outkast Alterations, WI’s first out LGBTQIA+ Hmong owned business. In 2020, Outkast received the Start-up Business of the Year Award from the Hmong WI Chamber of Commerce. In 2021, Tou received the 2021 President’s Community Engagement Award from the Medical College of WI for their engagement with the Hmong community in mitigating the affects of the pandemic. In May 2022, Tou and his partner received The Brave Space Award from GSAFE, recognizing and celebrating Outkast as safe LGBTQIA+ business in WI.

Prior to joining D&R, Tou was with Carmen Schools of Science and Technology Northwest High School in addition to serving as the GSA Advisor. They served as a Disease Intervention Specialist with the City of Milwaukee Health Department and worked alongside the Medical College of WI in a city funded program called The Creative Health Collective. Tou has spent a majority of his life in community and service work, in addition to serving as an advocate for Southeast Asian victims and survivors of DV & SA.

Tou’s passion is working with LGBTQIA+ youth and ensuring that LGBTQIA+ BIPOC young people have the tools they need to feel safe, empowered, and pave their own path. Since 2017, Tou has been a practicing Hmong Shaman for his community, giving back and providing traditional and ancient forms of healing.