Diverse & Resilient, Commissioner Bevan Baker, & Health Promoters Launch 414ALL Community Condom Campaign

February 17, 2014

On February 27, Diverse & Resilient will host the official launch of 414ALL, a condom campaign that addresses Milwaukee’s high sexually transmitted infection (STI) and teen pregnancy rates. The launch party will be held at Milwaukee City Hall, featuring remarks by campaign partner Milwaukee Commissioner of Health, Bevan Baker.

414ALL uses condom distribution, social marketing, community organizing, and education to increase the availability, accessibility and acceptability of condoms for Milwaukee teens. The campaign also includes bus shelter advertisements that will also launch on February 27. They feature the campaign slogan, “We got you covered,” with information about where teens can access free condoms.

Condoms are the only form of contraception that prevent both pregnancy and STIs. Since 2002, Milwaukee has been one of the top three cities in the nation for chlamydia rates and in the top five in the nation for gonorrhea rates. In 2012, Milwaukee made up 47% of the new STI cases in the state of Wisconsin. 68% of new STI cases in Milwaukee were among young people ages 15-24. These longstanding high rates of STI infection indicate a lack of correct and consistent condom use in our community.

In recent years, the Milwaukee community has overcome similar challenges. In 2008, Milwaukee’s teen pregnancy rates were second in the nation. Thanks to effective community organizing by the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Oversight Committee, Milwaukee’s teen pregnancy rates have dropped by 50%. The 414ALL Campaign believes that similar strides can be made toward lowering STI rates.

The launch party aims to bring awareness to the campaign. The event will feature fun and educational youth-led activities that normalize condoms, condom distribution, and condom use.

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  • Diverse & Resilient
  • Bevan Baker, Commissioner of Health
  • Nicole Angresano, VP Community Impact, United Way of Greater Milwaukee
  • Alderman Perez
  • Representative JoCasta Zamarripa
  • 414ALL Community Health Promoters
  • Community Partners