At Diverse & Resilient, we believe that the end of anti-gay and anti-trans discrimination is key to improving the health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people in our community. We work with community members, businesses, social service agencies, medical providers, and other groups to promote acceptance, inclusion, and leadership development. Because we recognize and value the diversity of our partner agencies, all workshops and presentations are tailored specifically to meet the individual needs of the agencies we serve.

  • Diverse & Resilient created a presentation for our whole team that was engaging, enlightening, and practical. I know it improved our ability to treat everyone who seeks our services with dignity, care, and compassion.

    Amy Lindner
    President & CEO, Meta House, Inc.
  • We are privileged to experience the education, training, and support from Diverse & Resilient. They have enlightened our agency and community partners.

    Rodney Wilson, MBA
    Senior Program Manager for Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Health & Life Skills, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee
  • Diverse & Resilient has facilitated trainings with groups of our students for the past several years. The facilitators are engaging, while presenting evidence and anecdotes that have assisted our students on their journeys to become culturally-competent health care professionals.

    Suzanne Letellier, MEd, MCHES
    Director of Community Health Programs, Milwaukee Area Health Education Center
  • Diverse & Resilient has been a valuable part of our Youth Leadership Summit at IndependenceFirst. The staff at Diverse & Resilient are able to accommodate to the multiple learning styles and accommodations and present the spectrum of sexuality and gender in a way that is modern, fun, and informative.

    Grant Heffelfinger
    Youth Leadership Coordinator, IndependenceFirst
  • Our presenters did a wonderful job presenting information on LGBTQ topics and issues in the Milwaukee area. Our participants were engaged in the conversation and have requested to have them back in the future to continue the discussion and dig deeper into these topics.

    Crystal L. Jushka, MEd
    Pipeline Program Coordinator, Medical College of Wisconsin

Ally Training

An ally is someone who supports, advocates for, stands up for, and speaks out in solidarity with members of a marginalized group. Our ally workshops include exploring ways allies can work to create change in their workplaces, communities, and families to achieve LGBTQ health equity and equality. We offer a series of ally trainings that include interactive activities and provide concrete tools that allies can use to support LGBTQ people at home, work, and in the community.

Community Readiness Assessment

Diverse & Resilient has used the Colorado State University Tri-Ethnic Center’s Community Readiness Model (CRM) successfully on many topics of relevance to Milwaukee’s public health issues. The model is based on the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change, and relies on a readiness scoring process that informs a community response. From working with school districts to address the persistent threats of intolerance and violence to LGBTQ high school students to increasing condom use in the City of Milwaukee, Diverse & Resilient has used the CRM and its readiness staging process to launch: Acceptance Journeys (to address homophobia and its pervasive effects on the health of LGBTQ individuals in communities of color); 414ALL (to create a community-driven condom distribution program to drive down the incidence of HIV and STI among teens); and PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, (to prevent the transmission of HIV in high-risk individuals in the African American MSM community), to name a few. D&R can provide guidance or conduct a CRA for outside agencies on whichever particular issue they are looking to measure.

Curriculum Review

As a public health agency, we are driven by data showing that LGBTQ people are more likely to experience higher rates of intimate partner violence, substance dependence, depression, and other health disparities. As an agency that utilizes evidence-based programming to address these health disparities, we understand the importance of ensuring each program is inclusive of LGBTQ people. Inclusive programming allows agencies and providers to meet the needs of all of their participants or clients. Our consulting team is experienced in adapting evidenced-based curricula while maintaining fidelity and offering suggestions on how to be inclusive of LGBTQ individuals, ensuring that providers and educators are making meaningful connections with participants and meeting their needs.

Heterosexism & Cisgenderism Training

Heterosexism and cisgenderism are systemic forms of oppression that deny rights and access to resources and opportunity to people who are not heterosexual (straight) or cisgender (not transgender). Our workshops explore regularly-occurring examples of heterosexism and cisgenderism in our communities, the impact they have on the health and well-being of LGBTQ people, and the impact discrimination has on everyone. Participants will be able to identify built-in, societal, and cultural advantages of being heterosexual and / or cisgender.

Services for Clients

As a social service provider, clinician, or educator, it is essential to build a trusting relationship with your consumer to reach maximum outcomes. By understanding LGBTQ issues and concerns and building inclusive communication skills, providers are better able to meet the health and education needs of LGBTQ people. Our consulting staff will work directly with an agency to develop curricula and workshops to best meet their needs when providing services. Examples include: clinician / patient relationships, therapist / client relationships, and social worker / family relationships.

Workplace Inclusivity

Acceptance plays an essential role in the health and development of LGBTQ people, both in their personal lives and their professional lives. When individuals can bring their full selves to their place of employment, the employee benefits, the employer benefits, and the community benefits. Diverse & Resilient is able to provide workplace inclusivity trainings to increase retention of LGBTQ employees, create a safe space for all employees, and promote the unique perspectives and contributions of LGBTQ employees.

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