Thinking Under the Influence

Thinking Under the Influence (TUI) is an alcohol harm reduction program that equips LGBTQ young people and their allies (ages 14 to 24) with knowledge and skills to reduce the risks associated with using alcohol, as well as becoming informed about how the LGBTQ community is affected by alcohol.

Because of the pressures of anti-gay and anti-transgender discrimination, LGBTQ young people in Wisconsin begin drinking at a younger age and engage in more binge drinking than their heterosexual peers. TUI seeks to positively affect these health disparities by helping young people better understand alcohol expectancies, standard drink sizes, Wisconsin drinking norms, alcohol digestion and absorption, blood alcohol levels, and risk-reduction tips.

TUI uses an adaptation of the evidence-based curriculum Alcohol Skills Training Program and is a great fit for school classrooms and clubs, community centers, youth groups, and college & university campuses.

Youth can also get involved with TUI as a Community Health Promoter (CHP). A CHP is trained to talk with peers individually about alcohol use and risk reduction strategies, attends a monthly meeting, and receives a monthly stipend.

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