Osha Towers (they/them)

Director of Community Organizing

Osha is Black, queer, nonbinary, and filled with joy. As a young leader, Osha operates with a model of collectivism. They aim to see oppressive systems abolished by promoting generations of valuable community efforts. Their years have been dedicated towards advocating for survivors of sexual aggression, expanding youth leadership, and distributing funds. They love to travel and build knowledge through the stories from those around them. Working in advocacy, sexual liberation, education, healing, abortion support, and expanding access to care has been among their many passions. In this role, they work to envision a future for Black, Indigenous, and POC Queer and Trans people filled with joy and the ability to exist fully.


For Community work:

We work to support young people, Trans/Nonbinary inclusion, condom/dental dam distribution, media campaigns, community education, and battling anti-LGBTQ legislation. This comes by offering curriculum and trainings on sexual health education, harm reduction for drugs and alcohol, navigating health settings, and Queer and Trans Liberation. Creating space for several youth groups and community events – Community Health Promotors, Change-Makers Fellowship, Trans Youth Justice Project, Black Trans Women’s Group, Trans Community Meetings, and the LGBTQ youth camp. Bringing together educators and LGBTQ leads throughout the state at quarterly Youth Development Specialist retreats and the annual Summit. Connecting individuals to emergency relief funds, care packages, and healing/mental health services. As well as conducting the 1st-ever Trans Needs Assessment in Milwaukee to hear from our Trans and Nonbinary community on: healthcare, employment, housing, education, violence, transportation, leadership, and coping. All done through a lens of Transformative Justice and striving to uphold accountability for ourselves.

Envisioning a future for Black, Indigenous, and POC Queer and Trans individuals, filled with joy, and the ability to exist fully. Where their health and safety are prioritized in a supportive community.