Monei Evans (she / her)

Peer Navigator

Monei Evans has been a part of the D&R family for over a decade volunteering and speaking at different engagements.  While giving her outlook on attending Sisters Helping Each other Battle Adversity (SHEBA), a Black trans women group, Monei went on to become an advocate for both trans women and the larger LGBTQ community.  Monei brings nine years of experience working in the health field where she has maintained a passion to see her trans sisters achieve optimal health outcomes.  She advocates for people in her world to continue making healthier options and knowing what resources are available to them.  Harm reduction, problem-solving, and de-escalation skills are among Monei’s favorites to use when working with the community, and she has found those skills to be both helpful and impactful.  Monei is ready to help her community with her personality and drive.