Mercedes Woods (she / her)

Youth Program Coordinator

Hello!  I am Mercedes Woods, pronouns she / her / hers, and I am the Youth Program Coordinator here at Diverse & Resilient.  I have worked passionately with the young people of Milwaukee for the past five years after moving here from the Pacific Northwest.  My work has been around supporting our young people to be the best and most authentic versions of themselves through programming at nonprofits including WAVE Educational Fund, Leaders Igniting Transformation, and Groundwork Milwaukee.  I am thrilled as a black queer woman to be able to continue working with our LGBTQ youth to provide them the tools and resources I wish I had growing up.  I do this work alongside my partner of four years in hopes to provide a more inclusive world for our beautiful four-month-old daughter to be whoever she is without fault.  I am passionate about crocheting, the outdoors, social justice, black liberation, and learning, as I am currently working to finish my bachelor of arts in urban studies and political science.  I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the work here at Diverse & Resilient!