Kathy Flores (she / her)

Anti-Violence Program Director

Kathy started her career at Kimberly-Clark Corporation in 1993 focused on diversity and inclusion.  Over the past 25 years, Kathy has worked in corporate, nonprofit, and government work.  She helped start Harmony Café in Appleton as its first program director.  She has worked in the anti-violence movement since 2002 while working for Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs and then by founding the Fox Valley LGBTQ Anti-Violence Project.  Hoping she could influence community change by taking her activism to city government, Kathy spent seven years as the City of Appleton’s diversity and inclusion coordinator in the mayor’s office.  Today, Kathy is the anti-violence program director for Diverse & Resilient.  Kathy considers herself a grassroots organizer and has spent years learning from brilliant activists in movements to end racism and LGBTQ bias in communities throughout the country.

As a queer Latinx survivor with a disability, Kathy understands the intersections of privilege and oppression not just from her vast experience in social justice movement building, but from her own complicated identity and experiences in both her personal and professional life.

Kathy provides numerous training workshops and educational presentations on LGBTQ issues, workplace discrimination, violence in communities, racism, developing resiliency, LGBTQ aging, and various other presentations about working with marginalized communities.  Currently, Kathy is a board member of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and serves on the Governor’s Council on Domestic Abuse.