Gerald Coon, PhD (he / him)

President & CEO

Actively involved in LGBTQ advocacy issues for more than 35 years, Gerry brings over 20 years of executive management experience to his role as President & CEO.  Prior to joining Diverse & Resilient, Gerry worked with children and adults with mental health, physical, and cognitive disabilities.  Gerry also taught courses on the nonprofit sector at the university level.  In addition to his LGBTQ advocacy work, Gerry volunteers doing community organizing and economic development work on Milwaukee’s near west side.  Gerry holds a PhD in educational leadership, a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling, and an MBA.  Gerry and his partner, Stewart Dempsey, have lived in Milwaukee’s Walnut Hill neighborhood since 1988, restoring a treasured 130-year-old home and the gardens surrounding it.