Dylan Reilly (he / him)

HIV Data Analyst & IT Consultant

Dylan is responsible for maintaining Diverse & Resilient’s information technology (IT) infrastructure and providing quality assurance regarding the agency’s use of the Care Coordination Systems online data hub.

He has been the driving force behind researching and deploying such services as: remote computer management; network-attached storage with multiple-disk redundancy for both local and remote file access; regular data backups with the ability for granular file recovery going back a maximum of five years; zero-cost hosted email with text-based chat, teleconferencing, and video conferencing capabilities; centrally-managed antivirus protection across all agency-owned desktop and laptop computers; unobtrusive and automated third-party application updates; and a network video recorder security camera system at Diverse & Resilient.

In addition to his IT work, Dylan also reviews peer navigation records to ensure program participant data is complete and that it accurately reflects the needs of individuals who access agency services.  He has created various systems to track the record review process and provides regular feedback to the peer navigation team in order to improve participant health outcomes.

Dylan holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.