Andrew McKee (they / he)


Andrew McKee is a trauma-informed community advocate, interdisciplinary artist, and wellness educator dedicated to advancing and holistically liberating the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities of Milwaukee, WI, and beyond.

He currently serves as an advocate for Diverse & Resilient’s LGBTQIA+ Anti-Violence Program at their Milwaukee office, where he integrates his experience in mental health, resource navigation, and community building to strategically support survivors of systemic oppression in processing and maneuvering through the violence it inflicts on their lives.

Born and raised in Milwaukee as a queer person of color, Andrew’s passion for social justice and community care has developed through his lived experiences as a survivor of systemic oppression and co-conspirator against it, which spans over the last decade.

With a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Cultural Theory earned through the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Andrew continues to incorporate and develop his complex understanding of the intersection of narratives, socio-political oppression, justice, and holistic liberation as the cornerstone of his work to be an agent of change in the historical and future narrative belonging to the communities of which he’s a proud part.