Amina Anthony (she/her)

Data and Administrative Coordinator

Ms. Amina Anthony is a Milwaukee Native who has over ten years of experience in youth development and early childhood education, as well as an abundance of knowledge in the health care field where she has served her community, mainly elderly care, specializing in both mental and physical disabilities and impairments.

She comes equipped to ensure that all data is submitted correctly & processed efficiently so that the specific goals of the company are accurately documented & attained. Amina is an all-over team player and a hands-on driven individual with a wealth of ideas to help build and maintain strong teams, business relationships, and friendships with a wide array of stakeholders.

As a member of the LGBTQ Community, Amina takes a stand to advocate for the human rights of both Trans women and men, both pre-operative & post-operative individuals. She has a personal goal to be an example for the community as a physical guide to help make transitioning become safer & more manageable. She hopes to become a Black Trans spokesperson to uplift and advocate for the trans individuals we serve throughout the organization.

She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration & human services with a minor in early childhood education. She hopes to implement all that she knows in the duties assigned to her at Diverse & Resilient.