Alex Corona (she / her)

Director of Community Programs

Alex Corona (she / her) is a transgender Latina activist, community organizer, and journalist. Alex advocates for the inclusion and safety of trans folks and other system-impacted people in Milwaukee and around the world. She consults with organizations of all sizes to inform best practices, creates programs based on community need, navigates grants and policy administration, and facilitates the movement of trans liberation. She is a national advocate for trans justice, abolishing the prison industrial complex, sexual health education, sex workers’ rights, and body autonomy & empowerment. Alex is involved in many local and national coalitions and organizations, and she cofounded Rights Not Rescue to push for decriminalization and help sex workers in Wisconsin. Alex has recently worked for Sex Workers Outreach Project – USA (SWOP-USA), Third Wave Fund, Black & Pink National, and the Red Umbrella Fund in Amsterdam. Alex was named one of 2021’s “Unsung Heroes” by the Wisconsin Law Journal.