Aari Robertson

Program Coordinator

Aari (they/them/theirs) is a gender-fluid, empathetic Pisces. They have a history of doing community organizing work in the city of Milwaukee, as well as working with LGBT+ youth in healthcare and non-profit environments. Long-term, Aari plans to fight to dismantle structural racism by advocating for BIPOC folx and addressing the health disparities within the healthcare system, as they are currently pursuing their nursing degree. Their other passions include: sexual health and wellness, mentoring LGBT+ youth, reproductive health, social justice, and doula work (birth, abortion, and after-care). Aari admires influential activists such as Angela Davis and Assata Shakur, and aspires to create change as remarkably as they have. In their free time, Aari enjoys cooking, art, plants, hosting game night (pre-COVID), and spending time with their chosen family.