Willie Brown

HIV & STI Prevention Coordinator

Willie Brown III has been working as a Public Health representative at various sites in Wisconsin since 2016. His experiences with HIV and STIs lead him to serving on the State Action Planning Group for the state of Wisconsin in order to help shape the new direction of the state’s health objectives. He focuses on various marginalized demographics, specifically those heavily affected by HIV and other social determinants of health. His focus extends to informing communities about the various health, social, racial, and systemic inequities. He has a passion towards servicing underrepresented groups and gears his efforts towards black and brown communities. Willie previously worked within a prevention program providing community level interventions, CTR services, and NEX services. He has extended his efforts by going the extra mile and providing quality support for community members and their networks. He has earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Management and has opted to execute some of his life’s purpose to help others within Public Health in multiple ways. He has also done specific work in healthcare, was an Empowering Community Action Institute participant of the Wisconsin HIV Program, and is currently in The Wisconsin Health Leaders Fellowship 2020 cohort through the state health department. He has committed to serving as a solid representative, liaison, and advocate for different underrepresented groups. He utilizes his talents, skills, and networks to effectively provide quality care for community members. A fun fact about Willie is that he used to have dreams of becoming a judge, but life has lead him in a different direction that contributes to ending the HIV epidemic. Willie identifies as a proud Black/African American who seeks to impact the lives of people one interaction at a time and has committed to doing his part in making this world a better place for ALL!